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How to order?


1. All orders need to be written.
2. You will have a written confirmation of order within 48 hours with the ordered quantity price and the approx. delivery time.
3. You shall send back the confirmation of order with your signature and stamp asap.
4. After your confirmation you will have a pro-forma invoice with all the necessary information.
5. Invoice or document fees can be incl. in the Invoice.
6. When our bank has received your payment you can take care of your goods at the latest within seven days from the warehouse.
7. The seller is obliged to fullfil the confirmed orders as indicated in the pro-forma.


  1.  Net in EUR
  2.  Ex.work warehouse of the company
  3. The company has the right to change without any notis
  4.  Our bank:



EUR account IBAN number: HU34- 11763048-19863881-00000000

Swift Code: OTPVHUHB 


  • The seller guarantees that all the products are of satisfactory quality.
  • The time of gaurantee for the supplied products is 12 months
  • The seller does not handle any reclamation concerning inspection, approval, claims and exchange or reparation
  • The buyer has the right to have new product instead of the wrong ones in the next delivery
  • The seller has the right to have an inspection of the wrong products whenever he would like to do
  • Any kind of complaints need to be sent to the seller in writing at the latast (3) three days after the goods arrived
  • Products sold for special prices (sales) do not have any kind of guaranty


  • The products belong to the seller until the buyer has fully paid the amount on the invoice
  • The buyer has the responsibility to have insurance for the products after loading until the invoice is fully paid.


The Company and the Buyers shall together work for the fullfilment of environmental requirements regarding responsibility required by external Buyers and authorities.