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About Us

Development, design and quality of our products reflect the latest in engineering creativity in the field of whirlpool, spa and swimming pool pumps and accessory components.

The productions team of experts, has more than 30 years design and manufacturing experience in electric motors, electronics, pumps and plastic components. The WMPE series are the fifth generation of Whirlpool Pumps that this team has designed and manufactured.

These pumps are currently used by major, companies in USA, Europe and Asia. The factory has the capacity to build 20.000 pumps a month on one shift. The production process is costumer friendly by allowing us to incorporate specific requirements for larger orders.


Our goal has always been to offer quality products at very attractive prices. For over a decade we have supplied the Scandinavian market with our product line.

All our products have the necessary CE, GS and UL certificates.


Our customers are encouraged to visit the manufacturing facilities at any time.There they will have the opportunity to personally inspect our continuous quality production line system which is part of our total quality system and also to discuss new business opportunities.